The First Sister: Kolga

Name Meaning:
Cold One
Arctic fishes, polar bear
Kolga is the goddess of the arctic ocean, of sea-ice and icebergs, of the coldest parts of the seas.
Her Gifts:
Cooling off what is overheated, especially for health conditions or emotional management. Temporarily freezing memories.
Frozen juice, wine, or beer, thrown in cubes into the ocean. One could also freeze bits of fruit in ice cubes and toss them in.
Altar Items:
Clear glass sea floats. Rock crystal. Strings of clear or slightly greeny glass beads. Glass icicles. Glass or clear stone icebergs.



Kolga from the Giants' Tarot

Hail to the Cold One,
Eldest of the Nine!
Hail to the Sister whose blood
Harks back to ancient frost-thurses,
Of the faraway time of the Ice Age.
Hail to the Lady of Arctic Ice,
Of the great floating palaces,
Where walruses are king and white bears prowl.
Hail to the ice water we crave
When the heat rises,
When our hearts burn with fire
And vision is out of our reach.
Hail, Kolga, cool off our heated words
And let our minds bask in your winter winds.
May the pain we suffer in your cold
Never make us forget how lucky we truly are.

Ritual: Cooling Off

Blue icebergs

When you are enraged over an issue to the point where you cannot think clearly or make good decisions, ask Kolga to help you with the problem of cooling down. Take a small stone – perhaps the size of your fingernail – and clean it, and put it under your tongue. Then go to a solitary place and talk about the problem to the air. Yell, scream, put all your anger and fear into the little stone under your tongue. Then put it into a cup of water and stick it in the freezer. Ask Kolga to freeze the difficult emotions so that you can work objectively with the issue. Go do something else for a while, something that has nothing to do with the problem. By the time it freezes, you should be cooled down and able to think clearly. When the problem is long past, toss the frozen chunk with its rock into the ocean, or a bowl of water and sea salt to dissolve and be poured out onto the earth.