The Fourth Sister: Hronn

Name Meaning:
Sucking Wave
Yellowish-green and black
Hronn is the Undine of the Whirlpool, and is a goddess of Fear. She is Hevring's twin sister.
Her Gifts:
Hronn can help you to defeat your fears, even the ones that seem impossible, but her methods are not particularly kind. She tends to throw you in and watch you get sucked down, but the idea is not to get pulled out but to find the way out through the bottom.
Sharp things. She is also fond of blood.
Altar items:
Green glass sea floats. Spiny or spiked dried fish. Eel teeth. Pointed or spiky shells. Spiral shells. Spiral twists of wire or paper.


image by Fireheart Tashlin

Hronn from the Giants' Tarot

Hail, Lady of the whirlpool,
Goddess of fears, Mermaid of our deep darknesses,
You who watch us as we get sucked down
And wait for us at the bottom,
Reminding us that there is a bottom
And all we have to do is hold our breath,
Hold on tight, and have faith,
And there will be a place to rise again
Lady, have patience with us as we flounder
And thrash in our terror of the many things
Which seem so small and easy for you.
Wait for us at the bottom of our oceans
With your sharp teeth and terrible smile
That we might know, at last,
That it gets no worse than this
And that there is a chance for us to recover.


Ritual: The Bottom Of Fear

eelThis is a fear ritual. Do not call upon Hronn unless every part of you is ready to let go of your fear, whatever it is. For this one you will have to immerse yourself in salt water, although a bathtub will do if you cannot be near the ocean. Tie long black ribbons to your wrists and neck and waist, that they might wave in the water. Walk naked into the ocean, or lie naked in the tub of salt water. Throw a sharp and dangerous thing, like a nail or a piece of broken glass, into the ocean or tub water. Speak her invocation, or if you cannot manage that, tell her about your fear. Ask her to take you down to the bottom of the whirlpool, the darkest place in your inner ocean, and to take it from you there. This is the exchange – if she is to take it, you have to go there to meet her.

Imagine your fear as strongly as you can. Pour the image of it out into the waters. When your heart is racing, walk further and let the water in over your head, or sink beneath it in the tub. Hold your breath and count. Calm yourself and slow your heartbeat. Rise out of the water, or back up from it, and take a breath – several breaths. Now do it again, and again – at least three times. When you come up for air the third time, thank her and praise her name. Within three days, you should confront your fear fully – go right to it, and praise her name as you do it. If she has deigned to help you, it will be much easier than before.