Meeting Duva: A Shamanic Vision

Owls' Head Beach, Maine, July 2005

Lavender dawnOwls' Head Beach turned out to be a rocky area next to the lighthouse at Owls' Head. As usual, it was cold and misty and the one family at the beach suddenly decided to pick up and leave as we arrived. This seemed to be the way of things during this beach trip; the weather kept all but a few away, and those few somehow suddenly decided to leave as soon as we arrived. At one beach, there was only a single swimmer in a wetsuit, and he too suddenly about-faced and walked out of the water and toward the parking lot as soon as we showed up. I suppose that the Undines can make the water quite unwelcoming if they want some privacy.

A morning fog covered the water, as it had when I met Hronn. Large, rounded, seaweed-covered rocks lined the water's edge and extended far out into the water; it was treacherous to climb over them and I slipped several times. Perched precariously with my toes digging into the rocks, I waited for Duva the Hidden One to appear.

Like Hevring, she did not come close to me. Some of the Undines are more sociable than others, and Duva, Kolga, and Hevring tend to keep their distance. Duva was a pale figure wreathed in mists, speaking to me from the fog that slowly blew away as I listened and sang. Her long fair hair seemed to wrap her entirely around like a garment. What I could see of her appeared to be slightly scaled and bluish, and her hands bore webbed fingers. She was the most fishlike of the sisters, and although I am not sure what her specific pet creature is, I assume that it must be some kind of fish. Perhaps all fishes are dear to her, for all I know.

Duva is the Lady of Islands, and she shows sailors the way to safe havens on those points of land. She may not, however, be so kind as to abandon someone on an island that they could actually survive on, or one that is close to their home. She is both the keeper of all that is hidden and the revealer of hidden things, and this is her magical specialty. One thing that did strike me was how much she loved pearls. One thinks of mermaids as dripping with pearls, but her sisters all tended to wear more primitive shell and stone jewelry. Duva wore strand after strand of pearls wound about her slender torso and through her long hair. She toyed with them as she spoke.

Duva's Lesson

sea mistI know what it is that you want from me, and although I am loath to yield up my treasures, you have come all this way and my sisters have agreed to give you gifts. So I must do so as well, for what eight agree to, nine must agree as well; it is the way we have always been. There, I have already revealed more than I wished. I know what it is that you want from me: to know how to reveal what is hidden.

I will give you the song you wish, but you must understand that there is a price for each time you use it. The price will not be told to you until after you have found your way through. I give that much to you. The rest you will have to discover on your own.

This is not for revealing every thing that anyone thinks, or knows. It is for when you are lost at sea, when you have no idea where to go or what to do, when you are desperate enough for any haven. It will not take you home. It will take you to safety, wherever that is; the closest safety. It will reveal the way that has been hidden from you, but it is up to you to take it. This song will show you the way out of the fog and the storm, but the knowledge must be used wisely. What it will not do is show you where the hidden treasures are kept, the secrets of Wyrd and the Cosmos. Those are mine to know and to hold onto; I will not share them. You will have to get them from others, more loose-handed and loose-lipped than me.

I have already told you too much. I will say no more.

Duva's Song

Hear a sample

Duva, Duva...
Lead the way to the hurricane's lee,
I am lost at sea, I will pay your fee.
Show me the way to the hidden sands,
Follow to your hand, though strange be the land. sea fog

Duva, Duva....
Lead the way to the shrouded cove,
Take my sight in tow, through the fog I rove,
Open the curtain and show me the way
To the sacred land, and the price I'll pay.

Duva, Duva...
Mists that cover the island fair,
Like your pale mist-hair, you will find me there,
I fear not the mist and dew,
May your way be true, I will trust in you,
Duva, Duva....

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