Hail To The Gods Of The Northern Seas!

This website is an online shrine to the Norse/Germanic gods of the Ocean: Aegir and Ran, King and Queen of the Northern Seas, and their nine daughters – the sacred Undines Kolga, Duva, Blodughadda, Hronn, Hevring, Bylgja, Bara, Unn, and Himinglava. We wish to spread the knowledge of them and their worship, that folk might better respect the Seas. Especially now, when the Seas are in such danger and have been so terribly defiled, we ask that those who are moved to do so make offerings to the Nine Sisters, and ask their pardon, and weep for the violated, tainted waves. In these pages, you will find descriptions of the eleven sea gods of Aegir's family, along with invocations, poetry, and short rituals for calling on them. I've also included links to journal entries by myself and others about working with the Nine Sisters, and suggestions for items to add to an altar. If you have links, prayers, essays, or artwork you'd like on this site, send them to cauldronfarm@hotmail.com.

Invocation to Aegir, Ran, and the Nine Sisters

The Pagan Book of Hours

The BeachLord and Lady of the Depths,
Keepers of the great flocks and herds
That float by the millions
Through glass-green waves,
Lady Ran of the ten-times-fingering weed,
Your hair spread throughout the worlds,
Lord Aegir of the great currents
And the waves that keep the ship afloat,
Generous in your bounty,
Capricious in your favor,
Brewer of ale for gods and lost souls,
Keep us safe as we pass over your realm
In life, in dreams, and in mystery.
Nine Sisters of the Waves, Sacred Undines,
Daughters of Aegir and Ran, fish-tailed,
Blood on your hands and beauty in your song,
We hail you from the shores, the depths,
The heights of sea-cliffs.
Kolga the Cold One, Ice-Maiden of the floes and castles.
Duva the Hidden One, Keeper of island treasures.
Blodughadda, Blood-Haired One, shark's delight.
Hronn, Sucking Whirlpool, Eel-daughter and Mistress of Fear.
Hevring, Heaving Storm, Mourning's Mistress.
Bylgja, Breaker's Dancer, Rider of the Wave-Horse.
Bara, Great Wave of the Whale, battering the land's stalwart stand.
Unn, Billowing Tides, Maiden of the Counting Moon's Rhythm.
Himinglava, Fair-Weather Mermaid, Sun Shining Through.
Teach us by the Powers of Water
How to find the way to our own souls.


Going Further

Full Fathom Five cover

If you would like to know more than can be found on these pages, read the book Full Fathom Five, edited by Galina Krasskova – available as a paperback or download. Its profits all go to the Big Sur Land Trust.

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