Why Addiction Support Here?

by Raven Kaldera

Manta RaySome time ago, when I was writing the book Candles in the Cave: Northern Tradition Paganism for Prisoners, I asked each deity to send me an idea for a prayer that would be specifically useful for the incarcerated. When I got to the Sea Gods, they all came forward and told me that one of their gifts was helping with overcoming addictions. I was surprised, because I hadn't read anything about that (although there is very little written about them at all) and because in years of dealing with them, the subject had never come up. "That's because it's not your problem," they told me, "and you never asked about how we could help people who are not you." Which was an oversight, was the unspoken message. I am trying to correct that now by creating this small piece of the shrine for those who need it.

It's interesting that Aegir, the Sea-King, is seen as a brewer - largely because the foam on the shores was interpreted by some to look like the foam on beer, washing up onto the sand - and yet he and his family can reach out to help those in need of sobriety. Addiction is a watery thing, though - it's nebulous, seductive, hard to see through, and can drown you, even if it doesn't involve liquids per se. The Nine Ladies have knowledge about subjects like fear, sorrow, erosion, and what is hidden - all relevant to fighting addiction. And nobody knows how to drink like a fish.

So pray to them. They know how to help. Promise.

Elevenfold Prayer to the Sea Gods for Sobriety

Addiction Support Invocations for the Nine Sisters