The Ninth Sister: Himinglava

Name Meaning:
Sun Shining Through
Sky blue or sun-golden
Himinglava is the Fair-Weather Undine, the keeper of the sea’s relationship with the Sun. She is a bringer of joy, and is the youngest and fairest of the Nine Sisters, but is also the most fickle. Her gifts are by their nature ephemeral and are to be understood as such.
Her Gifts:
Fair weather and good luck, whether regarding physical weather or the general weather of one’s life. Joy, and acceptance of the ephemerality of joy.
Altar items:
Golden glass sea floats. Figures of dolphins. Shell wind chimes. Pictures of sunrise over the ocean.


image by Eliza Stein


Hail to the Bringer of the Sun,
Fair Weather Mermaid,
Goddess who brings the calm winds
And the sunrise over the serene waves,
Sunrise over the morning foam,
Sunrise over the breaking ice,
Sunrise over the wreckage of yesterday’s storm.
Hail to the gold sparkling on the waters,
Hail to the light that filters through the waves
And began the first moments of Life.
Goddess of the beautiful day,
Goddess of the glorious sunset,
Hail, Undine of the moment of joy,
The relief from dread and suffering,
The promise that happiness always returns
If you are willing to wait long enough.


Ritual: Antidepressant


If you are grey and gloomy, Himinglava can grant you relief … if she so chooses, and she is fickle. You need a sunny day and either the ocean or a bowl of water and sea salt. If you are resorting to a bowl, set it where it catches the light of the Sun. If you are at the ocean, wade in to the place where the Sun is glittering the strongest on the sea’s surface. Speak her invocation, and bask in the sunlight – if you are holding a bowl, hold your hands over the sparkle.

Then tell her a story, of a moment of joy in your life. It can be anything, no matter how small. If you can come up with a few of them, even better. Entertain her with the tales, the intent being both to make her happy and to communicate that this is what you’re looking for – more of that, please, as soon as possible! Afterwards, make her a physical offering – she seems to like sun-colored fruits such as oranges and grapefruit and such. If the weather begins to cloud soon after your ritual, she can’t help you – there is something else going on that must be addressed. If the day stays fine all the way to twilight, she has acquiesced. (Don’t try to stack your chances by putting the ritual on a sunny day – the Nine have a certain amount of control over weather, or at least are on very good terms with their relatives the wind-thurses, and are quite capable of creating unexpected weather if they want it.)