The Third Sister: Blodughadda

Name Meaning:
Blodughadda rules the relationship between the rivers and the sea, and thus loves ocean saltmarshes. She also loves anywhere you might find sharks, as they are her special pets. She is wise in the ways of the blood that runs in your veins as well.
Her Gifts:
Helping people with high blood pressure, for one thing, although this will require regular offerings. Anything you might want to know about the blood in your body, she can tell you.
Blood. Even a few drops. Keep a supply of diabetic lancets around.
Altar items:
Shark jaws and teeth. Reddish and pinkish shells. Red glass sea floats.


image by Fireheart Tashlin

Blodughadda from the Giants' Tarot

Hail, Lady of the Rivers that run to the sea,
Lady of saltmarsh and beachgrass,
Lady of the blood that runs through our veins
To and from the ocean of blood
That surfs in our pounding breasts.
Hail, Lady of sharks, lady of toothed jaws,
Devourer of smaller fish and unwary humans,
Keeper of the Red Tides and all that spill them,
Scarlet pool in the water, giving back life to life.
Remind us that all life feeds on life,
And that all we take must be given back.

Ritual: Blood For Blood

sharkIf you wish to help the blood flow better through your body, or to help cleanse it of impurities (although Blodughadda can only do so much to stop disease from spreading), you can propitiate her and ask her aid. This ritual requires an offering of blood. I use a diabetic sticker for safety and sterility. Ideally this should be done at the ocean, but if that is not possible, blood should be let into a bowl of water and sea salt which should be poured into any river that runs eventually into the sea. Aside from this, you will want a shark’s tooth mounted so that it can be worn on the body.

Stand in the ocean water, or with your bowl facing the direction of the ocean, and speak her invocation. Then prick your finger and bleed into the water. Breathe deeply for about four and a half minutes, which is how long it takes for the blood to circulate entirely through your system. Soak the wound well in the salt water, and ask her to help you. If she appears, she is likely to give you advice, which you will be a fool not to take. Afterwards, wear the shark’s tooth on your person until the problem clears up or nothing more can be done. While it is acceptable to wear it around your neck on a chain, she especially likes having it attached to something in your flesh, like an earring or other piercing.