Who is Vor?

Vor by ThorskeggaVor is the seeress of Frigga's court, and as such is the patron of diviners. If you look into the future - by runes, by cards, by crystal ball or any other way - Vor can help you with signal clarity, as well as helping to keep you sane and anchored in the confusion of gazing into the future. Her name means "awareness" or "to become aware of something", and she can also be prayed to for intuitive information that cannot be acquired by normal means. Vor can interpret dreams (as well as send them), and she is the power of intuition, as well as the more outright psychic gifts of clairvoyance and precognition. She can be symbolized by any divinatory equipment.

Linda Demissy's story about Vor, drawn from personal gnosis from talking to the Handmaiden Goddesses, is as follows:

Vör is an ancient Giantess, a powerful seeress who uses dark places and the covering of eyes to learn hidden lore. She was blackmailed into water-witching for Odin in Asgard when the worlds were still newly made — having a strong affinity for finding wells and ground water, in fact all knowledge that flows out of darkness. When released from her promise after the Vanir war ended, she packed her things to return to Giantland. But with her brother Mimir dead and her gone for so long, she realized no one there would remember her. Worse, no one would trust her after serving the Aesir so long. It was Frigga who came, begging her to stay as counsel to a young queen, asking that she become one of the Goddesses in her service. For as Odin has a court of twelve Gods, so Frigga has twelve Goddesses in hers, both courts equal in power. Vör is very old, but still strong enough to give a tongue lashing to young fools who pester her (even the oldest human is a kid to her). She is Goddess of truth without embellishments, and while brutally blunt in honesty, her intent is to help. She wants you to straighten out your life and clean up your act. Don’t bother calling if you haven’t washed (provided you are able to). Purification is very important to her — she favors fasting, bathing, showering, saunas and drinking sufficient water to clear the mind, heart and body of poisons.

A bowl or glass of water, preferably black, is good for calling her. A blindfold or sleep mask to cover your sight are also extremely useful. Some find it easier to speak to her in silence, writing text and reading her answers on the blackboard of their mind. Sprinkle water to purify your space and yourself, saying: “By Vör be cleansed, darkness return, to darkness below.” Imagine a dark slime flowing down through cracks and into the earth to rot and be renewed. She likes juice and herbal teas that help cleanse the body while fasting, thin gruel, oatmeal, and other easily digestible foods suitable for older people. Her name in Old Norse is “Vör” —  pronounced “VER” as in “verb”  (but with a rolled “r”).

Vör’s Test of Trust

by Linda Demissy

When you need someone to trust who won’t screw you over too much, use this prayer. Choose a hand to pay attention to and think of someone you are sure would betray you. Notice how it feels, whether it becomes hot or cold, tingly or numb, taking at least a minute to fully feel that. Then shake the feeling out of that hand and rub your hands together a bit. Think of someone you’ve known that you could really trust. Again, pay attention to that hand, what feelings it gets, taking a full minute. Now you know what betrayal and trust feel like, possibly with other feelings or impressions in the rest of the body. Use that knowledge by thinking of someone you’re unsure of. Take your time. You will get one or the other, perhaps something in between. If you betray them then of course all bets are off. The prayer below is suitable for all forms of divination, and useful to chant before you start the process above.

Gracious Goddess, Knowing One, help me now to see;

How to read and how to tell, truth from fantasy.

Thick or thin, smooth or snag, in the tapestry;

Wool to hand, eye to lips, knowing set us free.


Artwork by Thorskegga Thorn.