Who is Gna?

Gna by Thorskegga

Gna is the messenger of Frigga, carrying her words over nine worlds. She rides the (sometimes shown as winged) horse Hofvarpnir (Hoof-Flourisher). Her name means "to soar or tower over", but it may also be related to the sound of a horse's neigh. Gna's symbol is the horse, and she can be called upon to send intuitive messages to others, and to help with journey-work.

Linda Demissy says: Gná is a free-spirited horse rider who lives for speed and the sight of new roads. She cannot endure being in one place long, which makes her ideal as messenger to Frigga and the Goddesses. Her beloved horse Hoof-Tosser can run through the air as if it were solid ground, and the two are as close as any married couple. He is her first adviser, as she understands the language of animals. When wandering in spirit during dreams, she has a mouse as a steed. Making herself tiny allows sneaking in and out of many places to overhear secrets and be overlooked — being small is sometimes an advantage.

Gná likes speed, so it’s easiest to contact her while running, riding or driving, wind blowing through your hair. You can also please her by helping carry messages, helping people understand each other, learning another language, studying communication skills, and making sure animals are well treated. Favored offerings include apples for her horse or foods she could eat one-handed while riding. It would not be much of a stretch to use a motorcycle image to honor her with, though a letter envelope or any communication device will do. Her name means “towering above,” and is pronounced “g-NOW” in Old Norse with a hard “g” as in “go”.

Gná’s Release Prayer

by Linda Demissy

To wander in spirit while your body seems asleep. Put a heavy object on your chest to help stay awake.

Release I pray, in spirit wander

From these walls gone away,

Like mist I see, to me my steed!

Wind speed till dawn of day.


Artwork by Thorskegga Thorn.