Who is Fulla?

Goddess of Abundance

Fulla by Thorskegga

Fulla, whose name means "abundance", is said by Snorri to be a virgin whose flowing hair is held in place by a golden band. She is invoked in the Merseberg charm as Volla, the sister of Frigga. She takes care of Frigga's casket of jewels and pairs of shoes. This might seem like a mundane task, except it is likely that the jewelry and shoes of the powerful All-Mother are likely to be magical in various ways, and thus it would be appropriate to have a guardian for them. Some Heathen women see Fulla as the keeper of women's mysteries, as the casket of treasure symbolizes to them the hidden female self that men do not see.

Linda Demissy says of Fulla:

Fulla is Goddess of managing people and supplies to create abundance, motivating them to work together for a greater cause. She is Queen Frigga’s counselor and confidante, keeper of her secrets, shoes, and small treasure box. According to some they are sisters, but others believe they are lovers. Don’t try to bullshit her with excuses for your failings, her tongue is sharp and she is unwavering in her standards. But if you are honestly going through an inventory of yourself, she will support you in seeing clearly what you must work on, in setting goals and achieving them. She has much more sympathy for women, and blesses the bonds of friendship between them. Do not pray to her if you have brought great harm to women — at best, she will coldly ignore you. Instead, work with Lofn to heal your heart first so your darkness does not control you.

A gold hair ribbon or circlet is her symbol, but you can simply touch your own shoes when praying to her. Fulla can be honored by taking good care of footwear (yours and that of others), by never revealing secrets given in confidence, and by being helpful to women. She uses smooth stones in massaging away tensions, and likes pickled foods, especially sauerkraut. Her name is pronounced “FOOL-lah”

Fulla's Path Prayer

To charm your shoes to lead you on a better path, to help with self-discipline in changing your ways, and lead you to people whom you can work with fruitfully, pray over them to Fulla.

In rain and mud, manage my road.

Stumbling I step, sister I beg,

Keep me true, confident in trials.

Lead me in fullness, to find myself.


Header photo by Sandrine.

Artwork by Thorskegga Thorn.