Welcome to a temple of love and honor for all the Gods of the Northern Lands.

Welcome to a place of peace and community for those who wish to enter.

Welcome to a Neo-Pagan sacred space of tolerance and diversity.

Welcome to a place of learning, from each other and from the Gods and spirits.

(Artwork: Yggdrasil by Jacob Thompson)

This is a website dedicated to the religious tradition known as Northern Tradition Paganism, the non-reconstructionist Neo-Pagan worship of the Norse/Germanic Gods.All the northern Gods are honored here, as are their worshipers, devotees, lovers, spouses, priests, priestesses, godhis, gythias, mystics, shamans, and just interested folk, who can keep the rules of frith and hospitality.

If you have a prayer or ritual or essay that you would like to donate, if you have a group or website to list, if you have questions, please contact us. This site will continue to grow as our tradition grows. Hail and welcome, and enjoy.