Who Are Frigga’s Handmaidens?

The Ásynjur court is composed of twelve Goddesses led by Frigga, just as the Aesir court is composed of twelve Gods led by Odin. Specifically, the Handmaidens are Goddesses of Asgard who have no husband, owe allegiance to no man, and hold Queen Frigga as their highest authority. According to Snorri Sturluson, author of the Prose Edda, these twelve are every bit as holy and powerful as their male counterparts: Thor, Freyr, Víðarr, Baldr, Váli, Heimdallr, Týr, Njörðr, Bragi, Höðr, Forseti, and Loki (Ullr is sometimes added as a thirteenth).

While the Gods have two entire books devoted to their adventures in the lore (the two Eddas), these unmarried Goddesses only get about two pages. Most have but a single sentence as the sum of their surviving lore. What you find here is the result of years of devotional practice to learn their ways and recover their stories through personal gnosis. May it serve you well on your path, and may the Goddesses bless you.

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