Who is Syn?

Syn by ThorskeggaSyn, whose name means "denial", is the goddess who guards boundaries. She is Frigga's doorkeeper, guarding the hall of Fensalir and making sure that no one comes in who should not. She helps us to ward our own boundaries, and to stand up for what is right, especially if it means saying "No" to someone, and especially if it is someone to whom it is personally painful to say "No". Like Vor, Syn is also prayed to in order to keep one's oaths, as an oath is a closed door that should not be transgressed.

Syn is also prayed to in order to guard and ward a space from negative people and energies. Some folk hang a broom over the door as her symbol.

Linda Demissy's story about Syn, drawn from personal gnosis from talking to the Handmaiden Goddesses, is as follows:

Syn was born with deformities that included being part male and part female, possibly due to each parent praying for a child of their own gender. Horrified, the father made a deal with Elves to make her look like a normal boy, but the rising cost of this enchantment became too great. The mother traded away her unwanted offspring for a changeling look-alike, one that would be fair of face and able to father children. She grew up a captive of the Elves — little more than a caged animal — until puberty health problems forced on them a choice: costly procedures to make her Elven, or let her die. After a year of painful treatments that left her nauseous and barely strong enough to walk on better days, she was almost Alfar herself, and pleased to be rid her humanity. She’d come to loathe the uncaring parents who abandoned her, and idolized her captors. They did not correct her genitalia, other than to make it functional, for to them there was nothing wrong with being a bit of both. Then her training began in magic and guard duties, though they thought her handicapped, dumb, and a slow learner. It was a while yet before she would be free and become a Goddess, a guard to all that holy Goddesses hold sacred. She has a special talent for seeing through lies and illusions, and when she says no, it means no.

Though they are not happy symbols for her, bars and locks can represent her well, but a sieve or tea ball works too — her role is one of establishing boundaries and filtering, only allowing what is good to pass though. To repay her kindness, stand guard as protector — watch over someone or something and keep them safe. She is very sympathetic to orphans and others abandoned or mistreated by their parents, as well as those who have suffered from chronic illness, birth defects and learning disabilities. She likes offerings of hot food, a rare treat while growing up, and blue flowers are her favorites. Her name is pronounced like “SOON” and means “denial”  — she can be prayed to for victory when you deny an accusation, being quite savvy in matters of legal defense.

When you are riddled with worries and fear for your safety while you sleep, call on Syn to guard you. She will wake you if there is danger and arrange events so you at least have a chance of surviving. She can also warn of dangers while awake, or help keep your loved ones safe when they are out of your reach.

Safety I seek, Syn be kind

Good maiden, guard for me.

In defense be my friend,

Fence in my foes.

Artwork by Thorskegga Thorn.