Who is Lofn?

Lofn by ThorskeggaLofn is the Goddess of forbidden loves - any romantic love that is forbidden or frowned upon by family, clan, or society. Her name means "permission", and she can be invoked to get rid of shame around one's forbidden desires. She also facilitates lovers in coming together, and protects them from the wrath of others. While she may not change the minds of the disapproving, she helps star-crossed lovers find a way to be together safely and create their own hearth where the vision is more tolerant.

Today she is invoked by GLBT people, as well as those who have nonstandard relationship styles. Some folk use a key as her symbol.

Linda Demissy's story about Lofn, drawn from personal gnosis from talking to the Handmaiden Goddesses, is as follows:

Lofn is the Goddess of forbidden loves. To release Sjöfn from her magical chains, Lofn was forced to travel to Svartalfheim and make deals with dark Elves. With each deal she got closer to success, but lost more of herself, her soul and heart, until she was as cold and cruel as they were. Her friend tried to remind her of their friendship and love but Lofn craved only power by then, no longer caring about the pain she inflicted on her partner. One drunken night she traded her friend away for treasure, and only in loneliness realized her mistake the next day. When she finally managed to find Sjöfn, it was too late. She too had chosen to drink the dark wine that numbs the soul and give up her heart. In renouncing all love and emotion to escape the pain of betrayal, Sjöfn lost herself as well and became the cold uncaring ice maiden. Yet there still remained one spark of decency in Lofn: she would not kill when commanded to do so. That choice to spare a life, the final test of their Mistress in enslaving them completely, led to one more chance for them to escape this mockery of life and reclaim their hearts. Having their hearts back with clear minds meant having to deal with all they had done, to atone, and it was not an easy task to salvage their relationship.

Lofn likes people to play games in her honor. Some card games can be adapted to have a “ghost player,” and this is one way to let her join in the fun. She favors the bold and may bless them with luck. But watch what you say if she’s in your life: if you use words for homosexuals when what you mean is stupid, weak or cowardly, you can expect her anger and extremely bad luck — knowing that they are under her protection. Her favorite foods are “guilty pleasures,”  things you love that aren’t good for you. Dice, a deck of cards or a coin may be used as her token, anything you could use in gambling. She is sympathetic and can help with gambling addictions, knowing what it’s like to lose it all on a bet. Her name is pronounced “LAW-fen”.

Lofn’s Prayer for Locked Away Hearts

by Linda Demissy

If you have done physical or emotional harm to those in your power — those whom you were sworn to protect and care for — be they children, lovers or elders, then you must heal the wounded parts within you that lashes out in pain to start reclaiming your honor. To do so, imagine yourself inside the body of each type of victim, pausing as long as it takes between sentences to fully feel their pain and their hopes as you look out to see others from their eyes. If you have instead let yourself become a victim out of guilt and shame, or have taken to hurting yourself, this prayer may also be useful – in this case  to learn to walk away from abusers whenever possible, even the ones who are just ghosts and bullies inside your own mind.

I am the child in chains, chafing to be free.

I am the woman wounded, by the wrath of my chosen.

I am the kid expecting a beating, cannot run or fight.

I am the boy of bravery, become a bully to feel strong.


I am the wife beaten to death, wondering why as I die.

I am the heart humiliated, who has no hope of help.

I am the one repeatedly raped, what did I do wrong?

I am the son hiding his bruises, so shame will stay secret.


I am the victim of violence, violated in my trust,

Swollen red, silently screaming “walk away!”

Walk away from anger, walk away from hurt.

Walk away when I would shame my ancestors.


I will not lash out, at my love or myself.

I will cry for my hurt, hug my own scars.

Ghosts of my bullies, to your graves be bound,

I release you now, sink to rise nevermore.


By Hela’s grace, may I be reborn.

By Lofn’s cleansing, I reclaim my heart.

Artwork by Thorskegga Thorn.