The Giants' Tarot

Giants' Tarot Cover

The Jotunfolk, or Giants, of northern myth are a widely varied race. Some are fiery, some watery, some earthy, some like the blizzards of winter. Some are Gods, some are simple trolls, and many are in between. Their stories weave through northern myth like the tracks of wild animals. This Tarot deck celebrates them, showing their faces all together for the first time. As a race with many different faces, it is fitting that the deck is a collaborative effort by many artists, all with different styles.

(Order from Asphodel Press.)


The Fool: Ymir
The Magician: Loki
The High Priestess: Angrboda
The Empress: Laufey
The Emperor: Utgard-Loki
The Hierophant: Asvid
The Lovers: Loki, Angrboda, Sigyn
The Chariot: Hati and Skoll
Strength: Nidhogg
Justice: Skadi
Temperance: Sigyn
The Wheel of Fortune: The Nornir

The Hermit: Hyndla
Death: Hela
The Hanged Man: Mimir
The Devil: Fenris
The Star: Nott
The Moon: Mani
The Sun: Sunna
The Tower: Farbauti
Judgment: Mordgud
The World: Jormundgand

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Ace: Logi
2: Bolthorn
3: Glut, Einmyria, Eisa
4: Ganglati
5: Gjalp and Greip
6: Mundilfari
7: Hrungnir
8: Mjol
9: Groa
10: Rym and Naglfari
Page: Aurboda
Knight: Daeg
Queen: Sinmora
King: Surt

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Ace: Kari
2: Vafthrudnir
3: Thjassi
4: The Volva
5: Hymir and Hrod
6: Bergelmir
7: Loki and Thor
8: Geirrod and Loki
9: Garm
10: Narvi and Vali
Page: Rind
Knight: Beli
Queen: Jarnsaxa
King: Thrym

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Ace: Blodughadda
2: Gunnlod
3: Bylgja
4: Hevring
5: Hronn
6: Kolga
7: Duva
8: Unn
9: Bara
10: Himinglava
Page: Mengloth
Knight: Svipdag
Queen: Ran
King: Aegir

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Ace: Gefjon
2: Fenja and Menja
3: Hrimthurs
4: Fafnir
5: Hreidmar and Ottar
6: Suttung
7: Fjolvar
8: Olvalde, Ide, Gang, Thjassi
9: Nine Maidens of the Mill
10: Bestla
Page: Gerda
Knight: Grid
Queen: Jord
King: Billing

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Artist Credits

Bestla, Garm, Aurboda, Gefjon, and Grid by Ravenari.
Loki, Sigyn, the Lovers, and Seven of Swords by Grace Palmer.
Angrboda and Beli by Nicole Cardiff.
Geirrod, Jarnsaxa, Blodughadda, Hronn, Unn, and Bara by Fireheart Tashlin.
Surt, Sinmora, Logi, and Hevring by Alison Pacuska.
Bolthorn, Fenris, and Mimir by Kevin James Kage.
Himinglava, Groa, and the Three of Wands by Eliza Stein.
Hela, Mordgud, Nott, Iormundgand, and the Nornir by Abby Helasdottir.
Ran by Jenn Bechtel.
Rind and Daeg by Nenya.
Duva, Jord, and Mjol by J Roesch.
Gunnlod by Helena Domenic.
Hati & Skoll by Naryu.
Fjolvar by K@t.
Sunna and Manni by Halo Quin.
Bylgja by Jenifer Chetwin.
Laufey by Silence Maestas.
Narvi & Vali, and Mundilfari by Ian McEwan.
The Volva by Tchippakan.
Skadi by Birka.
All others anonymous by request.