Northern Tradition Paganism Forum


Links to Northern Tradition Pagan blogs and sites

Linda, the Archmage of Montreal

Lagutyr (a thoughtful Northern Tradition blog)

Fruit of Pain (a blog on Odin, polytheism, and other interesting things)

Twilight and Fire (blog of a Lokean priestess/nun, focuses on experiential mysticism)

Northern Tradition Shamanism 

Abby Helasdottir's site in New Zealand (the original Rokkatru site)

Mengloth's Market (handmade goods by and for various Northern Tradition folk)


Links to liberal Heathen sites that may be of interest

Huginn ("A Journal Of Alternative Heathen Viewpoints"; authors are in the UK.)

Gangleri's Grove (Heathen Galina Krasskova's blog, where she writes about a different Nordic god each month)

The Well Of Wyrd 

Vanaheim Fellowship 

Odin's Gift (Out of Germany, a treasure trove of modern Norse/Germanic-religion songs and poetry put together by Michaela Macha)


Other Interesting Links

Shaman Drums. The folks who made my drum Talu, on the cover of Neolithic Shamanism. They do it the old-fashioned way out of reindeer hide, and they make some amazing things. Check them out!