Books Specifically Written By And For Northern Tradition Pagans

Horn and Banner: Rituals for the Northern Tradition

(Rituals for solitary and group work.)

Be Thou My Hearth And Shield edited by Elizabeth Vongvisith

(A prayer book for the Northern Tradition)

Northern Tradition Shamanism books by Raven Kaldera

(Advanced work for those studying northern shamanism, including a magical herbal)


Books Written For Both Heathens And Northern Tradition Pagans

Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner by Galina Krasskova and Raven Kaldera

(Written for the entire umbrella demographic, both Heathens and NT Pagans; authors are one of each. On devotion and solitary working with our Gods. Covers everything from prayer beads to right action.)

Neolithic Shamanism by Galina Krasskova and Raven Kaldera

(Basic beginning northern shamanism. Not for reconstructionists.)


Books Written For A Heathen Audience That Might Be Of Interest To Northern Tradition Pagans

Exploring The Northern Tradition by Galina Krasskova

(A good basic primer about Norse religion in general. Galina is a Heathen author who writes very sensible and accessible stuff.)

Runes:: Theory and Practice by Galina Krasskova

(Good book of rune study for those who are interested in our primary magical system.)

The Heathen Cookie Book by Tchipakkan

(Yes, it's cookie recipes for the Gods - great for kids, great for rituals!)

The Book of Seidr by Runic John 

Sigdrifa's Prayer: An Exploration and Exegesis by Galina Krasskova

(Written on the nature of prayer, through illustrating the oldest written prayer in Nordic history.)

Magic of the Norse Goddesses: Mythology, Ritual, and Tranceworking by Alice Karlsdottir

(Tranceworking techniques, and her personal experiences with Frigga and her handmaidens.)

Ingvi's Blessing: Prayers and Charms for Field and Farm by Geordie Ingerson

(Wonderful book on Vanatru homesteading magic in the UK - anyone who lives rurally or just fantasizes about living rurally ought to get a copy, as well as anyone who works with the Vanir Gods.)

Essays In Modern Heathenry by Galina Krasskova

(Academic papers on Odin, Loki, blot in modern Heathenry, etc.)


Books Written For General Norse Work That Might Be Of Interest

The Rites Of Odin by Ed Fitch

(This is an older book, written before Norse reconstructionism became de rigeur. While there were no such differentiations in those days, we would now class it as a Northern Tradition Pagan book, as it was written by a Pagan and is non-reconstructionist. While it is not appropriate for reconstructionist religion, it has a lot of good material in it for non-reconstructionist solitaries or small groups who want a coherent tradition in one book, complete with a lot of rituals, prayers, and other material. Not everyone of any tradition will necessarily like everything in it, but that's true of any book on religion.)


Devotional Books

Devotional books of the sort that we list here are an invaluable resource to Northern Tradition Paganism, because they are full of the personal experiences that the authors and contributors have with the Gods in question, not just books of primary source references. Some are simply heart-moving devotional poetry, written for the love of one's patron deity. Others are full of personal revelation, prayers, rituals, and other work that opens one to the love of the Northern Gods. If you're not sure how to worship a particular deity, devotionals are a great way to learn. (So are the online shrines on this website.) We hope to eventually see inspirational devotionals to all the Norse Gods. Some of these are written by Northern Tradition Pagans, some by Heathens.

Honey, Grain, and Gold: A Devotional For Frey by Joshua Tenpenny

Day Star and Whirling Wheel: Honoring the Sun and Moon in the Northern Tradition by Galina Krasskova

Sigyn: Lady of the Staying Power by Galina Krasskova

The Whisperings of Woden (Second Edition) by Galina Krasskova

Walking Toward Yggdrasil: Poems for the All-Father by Galina Krasskova

Root, Stone and Bone: Honoring Andvari and the Vaettir of Money by Fuensanta Plaza and Galina Krasskova

Full Fathom Five: Honoring the Norse Gods and Goddesses of the Sea by Galina Krasskova

Shadow Gods and Black Fire by Andrew Gyll (for a variety of Gods)

Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin's Journeys by Laure Lynch 

Boar, Birch, and Bog: Prayers to Nerthus by Nicanthiel Hrafnhild

Skalded Apples: A Devotional for Iduna and Bragi by Galina Krasskova 

Wholly: A Devotional for Hela by Dagian Madir

Fire Jewel: A Devotional for Freyja by Gefion Vanirsdottir


Devotionals for Loki, who seems to have more than anyone else:

Trickster My Beloved: Poems for Laufey's Son by Elizabeth Vongvisith

Feeding the Flame by Galina Krasskova

For The Heart, From The Heart by Tracy Nichols

Love Songs for Laufey's Son by Tracy Nichols

Love and Shadows by Elizabeth Vongvisith


History, Sociology, and Other Useful Sourcebooks

Balkan Traditional Witchcraft (recommended by a visitor to this site; information about a rare European tradition that is spirit-taught)


Books On Pagan Theology That Might Be Of Interest To Northern Tradition Pagans

Dealing With Deities: Practical Polytheistic Theology by Raven Kaldera

Weaving Memory: A Guide To Working With The Ancestors by Laura Patsouris

(Working with Ancestors, whether blood kin or adopted, is an integral part of Northern Tradition Paganism - and Heathenry as well. This book, while written for a larger Pagan audience, is the best reference out there on practical ancestor worship, and well worth reading.)