Iron Wood Kindred’s Mothernight Prayer

Mothers at the Spring by Thorskegga

Hail Urda, Mother of Beginnings!

Grant us wisdom of the deepest well.

Hail Frigga, All-Mother of the Heights!

Grant us the blessing of the offered cup and the open hand.

Hail Bestla, Mother of Power!

Grant us the manifestation of our great plans.

Hail Gefjon, Mother of Bulls!

Grant us resourcefulness in the face of limits.

Hail Sif, Mother of Truth!

Grant us the ability to ask for what we want.

Hail Jarnsaxa, Mother of Might!

Grant us strength and perseverance through the storm.

Hail Grid, Mother of Vengeance!

Grant us aid on our most uncertain journeys.

Hail Jord, Earth Mother!

Grant us an easy birth for every child of body, mind, and heart.

Hail Aurboda, Mother of Stillness!

Grant us protection as within a wall of flame.

Hail Gunnlod, Mother of Eloquence!

Grant us song that reverberates through the soul.

Hail Ran, Mother of the Waves!

Grant us knowledge of the tides of life.

Hail Nerthus, Mother of Fertility!

Grant us rich soil for our dreams to grow.

Hail Freya, Mother of Jewels!

Grant us blossoming in its own time.

Hail Sinmora, Mother of Fire!

Grant us creativity in all its forms.

Hail Laufey, Mother of Chaos!

Grant us serenity to see us through the madness.

Hail Loki, Mother of Sleipnir!

Grant us nurturing from unexpected sources.

Hail Angrboda, Mother of Monsters!

Grant us love in spite of our flaws.

Hail Sigyn, Mourning Mother!

Grant us endurance in our darkest hours.


Photography by Thorskegga Thorn.