Lord of Swords

Making Offerings to Tyr


Tyr's gift is very simple: the courage to do difficult things. Tyr is less interested in offerings of objects and more interested in actions. If you work with him, he will expect you to have a code of honor, and to stick to it at all costs. He will not tolerate oathbreaking, or even the frequent breaking of small commitments. Understand that if you promise him something in return for his gift, he will expect you to come through. Do not break your word to him, or it will go badly for you. Tyr is never malicious or sadistic, but he will strike with a warrior's force if he feels that it is necessary.

Colors: Dark red, steel grey

Symbols: Swords

Altar Suggestions: Weapons, real ones, not fake (and keep them in good working order). Knotted cord, for oaths. Holly tree, mustard seed. The rune Teiwaz.

Food and Drink: Mead, meat, bread.

Service Offerings: Protect or defend someone who is unable to protect themselves. Train in a weapons art or other martial art.

Contraindicated: Letting the weapons get rusty or dirty. Dishonorable behavior within range of his space, breaking your sworn word.

If you wish to donate to an organization in Tyr's name, you can find any of the veteran's organizations on this list, as they would be appropriate:

Directory of Veteran's Service Organizations

Artwork by Nessie Valkyria.