Lord of Swords


Hail the Warrior!

Tyr2Welcome to the shrine of Tyr, the Lord of Swords and the God of Honor. Welcome to the home of the One-Handed God, who does what is necessary, even to his own pain and detriment. Welcome to a place of justice, even if it is harsh justice. Welcome under the crossed swords, to the home of the soldier who braves all so that some can live.

Steel rings on steel,

Clouds glow red in sunset,

A single ray shines down

At the end of the day,

At the end of the battle,

Amidst all the blood.

The sun dyes the field

As red as it already is.

Prepare us, Lord of Swords,

For the daily battle,

And for the unforeseen.


This shrine sponsored by Allan Carruthers. 

Artwork by Leonardo Albiero.