Welcome to Skadi's Shrine

Honoring the Norse Goddess of Hunting



Welcome to the online shrine of Skadi, Norse goddess of the hunt, Lady of Frost and Ice, fair archer, cold as the winter winds.


She is listed among the Aesir because she married Njord, the Vanir who was their hostage, and while she later divorced him, she stayed on in Asgard as the ally of the Aesir, and became valued in their counsels.


Hail to the huntress of the winter wilds, implacable Snow Queen of the North! Hail to she who changes sides in order to build bridges, who went from frost-giantess to sky-dweller! Hail to the gentle fall of snowflakes and the howling blizzard, and the Lady who hunts in all weathers! Hail Skadi!













Artwork by Anna.