Skadi's Gifts

Offerings to the Goddess of Frost



Skadi can be prayed to for skill in hunting and archery, for survival in bitter cold weather, and for finding your way when you are lost in the wilderness. She and Njord are also deities of divorce, and can be called on to aid in keeping a divorce amicable. She helps women get through difficult breakups without losing their nerve.


Colors: white, grey, blood-red

Symbols: bow and arrow, snowshoes, white wolf, skis

Altar Suggestions: snowy cloth, snowflakes, winter motifs, skins of the prey animals (rabbit, grouse, deer, and so on), bow and arrows, blades, glass icicles, clear quartz arrowheads, spruce tree, the rune Isa.

Food and drink: rabbit meat, venison, game bird meat, vodka and winter ale (some have given Her ‘Ice Blue mint Schnapps’).

Service Offerings:
Useful Organizations for Skadi Donations: - promoting responsible and ethical hunting

Women Hunters Association - it's not just for men!

National Field Archery Association Scholarships - college scholarships for young archers

National Women In Martial Arts Association - encourages women and girls to learn martial arts

Alaska Ski For Women - skiing to end abuse against women

Contraindicated: hunting irresponsibly in a way that disrespects the animals. Do not put Skadhi’s altar near Loki’s altar.


(Excerpted from "Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner" by Galina Krasskova and Raven Kaldera, available at


Artwork by Heather "Kat" Caulberg.