Ostara's Gifts

Blessings of the Spring Maiden

Spring4Ostara's colors are the green and yellow of new leaves, the blue of a springtime sky, and occasionally the pinks and lavenders of spring flowers. An altar to her is easy to hide in plan sight, as it can be disguised as simple Easter decorations, and her symbols are available every spring in the stores - rabbits, colored eggs, chicks and ducklings and lambs, storks and flocks of returning birds, and of course flowers. Rainwater can be poured over a bowl of stones to symbolize her weather. Branches can be cut and forced, especially pussy willows or flowering trees. If you can find a picture of a maiden dancing, this can be her icon.

Ostara gives the gift of newness, which is especially important for those of us who are old and cynical in spirit. If you have lost hope over the winter, ask her for a new infusion of it. If you have lost sight of the goal, ask her for fresh eyes to look upon the problem anew. If you are tired of the world, ask her to show you the small joys that are still around every corner, in every field of flowers that stubbornly make their way up from the earth.

If you would like to make an offering to her, give to any organization that cleans up local nature zones, or that protects children or adolescents.