Mimir by Kevin KageWelcome to the online shrine of Mimir, the ancient Norse oracular god who dwells in the sacred well in Jotunheim, who gives wisdom to those he chooses! Welcome to the online home of the sacred well of Mimirsbrunnr. Look into the depths, if you dare. Mimir gives great wisdom, but nothing he gives comes without a price. Even the Gods themselves must pay dearly to learn what he knows.


Artwork by Kevin James Kage for the Giants' Tarot.

This shrine sponsored by Gudrun of Mimirsbrunnr.

Disclaimer: This shrine is not a Heathen, Asatru, or reconstructionist site. It is a Northern Tradition Pagan site, and much of the information has been gleaned from the many people who love, worship, and work closely with these deities, as opposed to only posting information about them that is historically documentable. Northern Tradition Paganism is a living religion that evolves for the needs of modern people. If this is not what you are looking for in an online shrine, feel free to create your own – the more love the Gods have, the better.