Who is Mengloth?

medievalhealerMengloth is a minor (but very potent) Norse goddess of healing. She has been written about in the saga Svipdagsmal, and is the healing goddess of the Jotun people as Eir is the healing goddess of the Aesir. She lives on Mount Lyfjaberg in the mountainous world of Jotunheim, and is married to Svipdag, a wandering hero who is the son of Aurvandil and Groa.

Mengloth can be prayed to for healing, and in Svipdagsmal the lay reports that offerings were made to her at shrines by the desperate. (Which is exactly why I have now built her the first shrine in many hundreds of years.) She is very particular who she takes on as a student; usually she prefers that someone be referred by another deity that she trusts, such as Eir, Hela, Surt/Sinmora, etc. Her name means “Necklace-Glad” and she loves gifts of jewelry, especially unusual pieces that she wouldn’t be able to get from the mines of her homeland. The gatekeeper and general majordomo of her fortress Gastropnir is her uncle Fjolsvid. He is a fairly large and intimidating-looking giant, but in actuality he is rather loquacious and enjoys chatting with passersby. His willingness to gossip, however, does not mean that he will be willing to let just anyone through. It is best to send a message to Mengloth first, asking to visit.

mortar1Mengloth’s courtship with Svipdag (whose name means “Swift-Day”) is retold on this website, and in the book Jotunbok. Her nine handmaidens are named Hlif (Help); Hlifthrasa (Help-breather); Thjodvara (Folk-Guardian); Bjort (Bright); Bleik (White); the twin sisters Blith (Joy) and Frith (Peace); Aurboda (Gold-Giver) who is the mother of Gerda, Frey’s wife. A handmaiden named Eir is also listed; there is some argument as to whether this is the same Eir, goddess of healing, who serves Frigga. I have addressed that in Eir’s section of the site.

This goddess can be prayed to for any health issue, but her nine handmaidens (think of them as specialist junior partners in the practice) have areas where they are particularly competent, and if your problem lies in one of those areas you might want to go to one of them first.


womanphysicianPrayer to Mengloth by Nornoriel

Guardian of Lyfja Mount,

A place of joy to the sick and the sore;

For well shall grow each woman who climbs it,

Though sick full long she has lain.

Mengloth, Etin Goddess,

borne of ancient people

who know of the secrets of nature and survival,

you have made a shelter

with your own hands

for you see our weakness and frailty.

Take mercy on us, Mengloth,

whose bright compassion

is the jewel that girds your neck.

Hail Mengloth!