Welcome to Mengloth's Shrine

Welcome to the shrine of Mengloth the Healing Goddess and her nine handmaidens!

This is a place of praying for healing, and anyone may enter and ask for help for any problem of the body or mind.

Invocation to Mengloth


Hail, Lady of Lyfjaberg,

Mistress of Gastropnir,

High on the highest peak

In the pure air of the north country

Atop snowy cliffs you dwell.

Lady whose roads are long and winding,

Lady whose roads are treacherous and fell,

Lady whose hidden fortress is sought

By the weak, the ill, the desperate,

Those whom all medicine has failed.

Lady of the Last Resort,

Healer of the wounds that cannot be healed,

This offering we make to you

And all the maidens that cluster around you;

Hlif and Hlifthrasa, Thjofvara, Aurboda,

Bjort and Bleik, Blith and Frith,

Colleague of Eir the Healer of Asgard.

We pray your healing hands, Jeweled One,

We pray your healing mind, Mountain-High,

We pray your healing magic shall shape us whole.

Svipdag’s beloved, Keeper of the Wand of Light,

May your favor shine upon us

As we ascend to the trials of your high road.