Welcome to Andvari's Shrine

Honoring the Great Smith of Nidavellir

In the old Nordic tales, Andvari is a powerful spirit of the variety referred to as the Duergar - or, as we know them today, the Dwarves. He is a great smith and crafter, and also a keeper of treasure. He teaches about Money and Worth, as well as Craft. Through him you can learn to work with the spirit of Wealth, and the spirit of Making. Come enter the heat of his forge, and learn from him and those who love him! Hear the crackle of flame, the pounding of the hammer, and the clink of gold on iron!

book coverMore information on Andvari can be found in the book Root, Stone, and Bone: Honoring Andvari and the Vaettir of Money, by Fuensanta Arismendi and Galina Krasskova, available from Asphodel Press.


This shrine sponsored by Galina Krasskova.