Andvari's Gifts

Offerings to the Great Smith


Colors: Green and brown, earth tones

Symbols: Anvil, coins, the runes Fehu and Laguz (money and flow), figure of a fish.

Altar Suggestions: Andvari prefers that one’s actions and character be one’s altar. If, however, you wish to set up a shrine, it should be simple: a small anvil and an offering bowl are appropriate.

Food and drink: Good whiskey, good ale.

Service Offerings: Proper resource management. Learn to budget effectively, get yourself out of debt, tithe part of your income to worthy causes, collect coins when you find them in the street and use them, do not waste food or resources.

Contraindicated: Wastefulness of any kind, going into debt, profligate spending, avarice.


Artwork by Henrik Rosenborg.