The Cult of Ullr

Modern celebration of the God of Skiing

Ullr rock artIn modern times, Ullr has seen a great surge in popularity as the official God of Skiing. First he was unearthed as such earlier in the century in northern Europe, where little amulet necklaces with his skiing figure on them were given out as gifts and good-luck charms for skiers. Then the Ullr custom spread to America, where he has been taken as the patron of various winter sports and winter hunting organizations, including a major festival – Ullr Fest – in Breckenridge, Colorado, and sacrificial bonfires to Ullr in Utah and other states (burning old worn-out skis and sleds) to bring the snow. He now has numerous amulets, sigils, organizations, and even liquor named after him. Ullr may currently be the Norse god most called upon and invoked today by people who don’t consider themselves to be Pagans or Heathens.

These links are part of the Cult of Ullr, who may have the most successful cult of all the Norse Gods today! They are also kinks to sites that might be of interest to his followers. Hail the God On Skis!

Ullr Fest - his yearly holiday!

His own charity - the Ullr Foundation "Ski For Light", providing special sports equipment to people with disabilities.

Ullr schappsUllr's ski club.

Ullr's Taverns - in America and in Australia.

Ullr's own alcohol - libational schnapps.

Ullr's Ski School.

Article on making bows out of yew wood.

Article on making arrows.

Article on making bone skates.

Description of making traditional birch skis.

Description of making traditional snowshoes.