Welcome to Sigyn's Shrine

Honoring the Lady of the Staying Power

Sigyn trumpSigyn is a Norse Goddess who is the second wife of Loki the Trickster God. She is best known for her faithfulness during the period when Loki was imprisoned in a cave, tormented by a terrible venomous serpent. She is a goddess of loyalty and compassion, perhaps the most compassionate deity in the Northern Tradition. This shrine honors her in all her aspects - innocent child-bride, faithful wife and nurturing mother, and mourning mother as well. 

The two sons of Loki and Sigyn were named Narvi and Vali, and both met tragic ends. When Loki was hunted down for the death of Baldur, the Aesir transformed one of his sons - Vali - into a ravening wolf and forced him to attack and kill his brother Narvi. Loki was then bound by Narvi's intestines during his imprisonment. Sigyn, having lost both her children, became a goddess of grieving as well as nurturing, and many modern folk have found Sigyn a wellspring of help for those who are also broken and grieving. This shrine is also a place of remembering the fates of Narvi and Vali, and all those who are unjustly killed or driven into mental illness by unfair circumstances beyond their control.

Welcome into the twilight place where great pain has passed through, but hope still abides in the world. Welcome to a place of mourning, and the healing that will follow if we allow it into our lives.

For those who would like to know more about Sigyn than can be put on this website, we recommend the book Sigyn: Lady of the Staying Power by Galina Krasskova, who sponsors this shrine.

(Artwork by Grace Palmer from the Giants' Tarot.)

Sigyn: Lady of the Staying Power by Galina Krasskova