Mother of Vanaheim

Welcome to Nerthus’s Shrine!

NerthusbyMarisPaiWelcome to the shrine of Nerthus, the Earth Mother Goddess of the Norse Vanir Gods. Lady of trees and sacred bogs, Lady of the fertile earth plowed up to give us food, Lady who is always veiled, and whose face is death to look upon, we hail you here.

If you have any prayers, poetry, or artwork that you would like to donate to Nerthus's shrine, email me.

Artwork by Maris Pai.

This shrine sponsored by Geordie Ingerson.

book coverBoar, Birch & Bog: Prayers to Nerthus by Nicanthiel Hrafnhild

This devotional to the often-overlooked Vanic Goddess is an attempt to revive the ancient worship of Nerthus through the experiences of the author, by providing glimpses of Her through original poetry, mythological stories and rituals designed to bring the reader closer to this most awe-full deity. Available from

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