Welcome to Loki's Shrine

trickster's flame



Welcome to the shrine of Loki, the Trickster, the Magician, the Breaker of Worlds, the Sky-Treader, the Flame-Haired one. Welcome to the place of the consort of Angrboda, the husband of Sigyn, the father of Hela and Fenrir and Jormundgand and Narvi and Vali, and probably some others as well. Welcome to the altar of Change and Chaos, of the Irrepressible, of the fire that burns and the blood that rushes to your face, the breath you inhale to laugh, especially when you laugh at yourself. Welcome to the temple where you can never be sure exactly what's going to happen next ... for this uncertainty, and this flexibility, is indeed Loki's greatest gift.

Are you ready to dance?


Artwork to right by Nick Robles. Artwork above in banner credited at link at bottom of page.

Devotional Anthologies


Feeding the Flame is a devotional anthology of prayers, poems, rituals, and more gathered from around the world in the honor of Loki and His family. In this book, readers will find not only Loki and Sigyn, but also Angurboda, Odin, Glut and all of Loki's children equally honored. It is a celebration of devotional consciousness and an offering of love to a very complex family of Gods. You can buy Feeding the Flame from Asphodel Press.

Trickster, My Beloved is a collection of twenty-seven poems written by Elizabeth Vongvisith, a dedicated Loki's-woman. It portrays some common and uncommon aspects of his character, his relationships to other deities, and how a relationship with this most misunderstood Norse god may be as deeply fulfilling and meaningful as it may sometimes be nerve-wracking. You can buy Trickster, My Beloved from Asphodel Press.