Welcome to Kari's Shrine


Kari Card
(Image from the Giants' Tarot.)


Who is Kari and why do we have a shrine for him?

Kari is the old Norse God of the North Wind. We honor him because he is an important part of Nature for the Northern Tradition, and a very old and venerable spirit ... and a wonderful and supportive presence, if a bit of a gruff one, for those who work with him. Also, it was Kari who introduced me to the Reindeer Spirit, and for that I owe him a gift. So this online shrine is made in his honor.

For Kari
I fill the realm between sea and the stars,
I move the knarrs across Aegir´s domain.
I froze Aurvandil´s toe to a star,
I freeze with the burn of my brother´s fire
Which flares in my breath.
The sire of Frost and Snow,
I make my great-granddaughters dance.
The smell of ice, the croaks of ravens,
Vidhrir´s chill: These I bring.
© Michaela Macha. This poem is in the Common Domain and may be freely distributed, provided it remains unchanged, including copyright notice and this License.