Jord’s Gifts

Making Offerings to Jord

Jord’s greatest gift is the state of being fully and happily in your body, inhabiting it without shame, worries, or anxieties about how it looks or how well it will function. She can bring the dissociative closer to loving — and loving living in — their flesh, and she can bestow an easy uncaring attitude about whether one’s body is attractive to others. She is especially fond of larger women, and pregnant women and mothers. She blesses the mother-to-be and the nursing mother, and the woman with a large brood of young. She can be called upon for any need of fertility, whether for one’s self, one’s livestock, or one’s garden and land.

Jord can also be called on for help in healing the Earth. As the goddess who is closest to being a personification of the Earth – and who is often seen as literally a part of it — she is a patron of any efforts toward unpolluting the land, wherever it may be. She can be called upon by environmentalists to help in their work, and for the safety of those whose work takes them reverently into wild Nature.

To make an offering to Jord, the simplest thing is to find a patch of earth that is littered, and clean it up. If you want to make a monetary offering, donating to the Nature Conservancy or some other environmental NGO is always appropriate.

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