Holda's Gifts

Her specialties

Frau Holle StampHolda’s greatest gifts are strength, endurance, and skill for homemakers and parents. Pray to her for help when the work is too much and the motivation isn’t enough. She also gives skill in any kind of fibre arts, especially spinning, and can teach you to cook as well. She can be propitiated as a protector for infants and young children, and to care for infants who have died too soon. She brings fertility to the garden and can bless your plough, and supposedly has been invoked for ship navigation. She blesses flax-growing, and can be called upon for training in faring forth astrally, and also in the traditional witchcraft skills of potion-making, knot magic, and shapeshifting. She can help you to improve your relationship with the faeries – not the Alfar, but the local sprites of your land. She can give you safe passage through fens, and can turn the blizzard from your home.

For all these things, Holda wants only one gift. Find a mother or homemaker who is overworked and exhausted, and do something to help them. Watch the children for a day, so that she can relax. Cook a meal for their family, so that she can take a break. Do her laundry. Wash her dishes. Clean her house. Be the hand that rocks the cradle when she cannot go one step further. This, above everything else, will endear you to Holda. Even an hour of work that she does not have to do will be a blessing.