Welcome to Fenrir's shrine

Welcome to Fenrir's shrine

Fenrir by Kevin Kage

Welcome to the online shrine of Fenrir, the Norse God of Destruction. Fenrir is the son of Loki and Angrboda, and takes the form of a great black wolf. He is bound in a cave by a chain made of six impossible things, because he desires to devour the world and all things in it. He is destruction incarnate, but he is also sacred as all things are sacred, and so we have built this shrine to him. 

Welcome, walk into the darkness. Understanding is your friend here. Do not judge until you have learned all there is to learn.

This shrine is also dedicated to the sons of Fenrir, Hati and Skoll, the wolf-brothers who chase the Sun and Moon. Hail to the necessary challenge to keep the skies on track!

Artwork by Kevin James Kage for the Giants' Tarot.

Site Disclaimer

First, I do not practice any form of Native American spirituality. My practice is derived from my understanding of ancient northern Eurasian practices. Second, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of any Asatru or Heathen group. I do not identify as Asatru or Heathen. I am a northern-tradition Pagan, which is a religious tradition that is reconstructionist-derived, rather than a reconstructionist religious tradition such as Asatru and/or Heathenry. The views espoused in these pages may or may not reflect the views of most Asatru and/or Heathen people or religious groups. They are derived from the personal gnosis of myself and other people whom I trust and respect. I do not claim that they are provable by academic sources, nor that they are anything other than what I say they are. Read at your own risk.