Welcome to Bragi's Shrine

Honoring the Skald of Skalds

Bragi1Welcome to the Hall of the Skald of Skalds,

Whose song is sung throughout nine spheres,

The divine Poet of Asgard, the Speaker for Peace,

The harpist of heavenly music that soothes

The hearts of warrior and woebegone alike.

Welcome to the way of the Lord of Eloquence

Whose words ring out and run through the people.

May you inspire us, O Bragi, Bane of Boredom,

May you gift us even a tenth of your talent

For weaving a wiser world.

Iduna & Bragi Devotional Anthology

The blessings of Idunna and Bragi unite the conflicting worlds, tribes, and politics of the other Gods, just as this anthology unites devotional perspectives from across the globe in honor of this divine couple. Skalded Apples is a collection of prayers and poems, articles, rituals, and recipes lovingly collected from polytheists of every stripe who have in some way, been touched by this divine couple. Buy Skalded Apples from Asphodel Press.