Sigdrifa's Prayer

Arranged in three parts, in English and Old Norse.

The words to this song are the earliest known Norse prayer, written by a woman named Sigdrifa. The melody was created by Galina Krasskova and the arrangement is by the Asphodel Pagan Choir. The alto and bass parts sing the melody, the tenor parts have the harmony, and the sopranos sing the original Norse words as a descant.

The sheet music is available as a PDF, and we will soon have a recording of the Asphodel Pagan Choir singing the song.

(Modern English words:)

Hail to the Day, and Day's sons!

Hail to Night and her daughters!

With loving eyes look upon us here

And bring us victory.

Hail to the sky gods, hail to the sky goddesses,

Hail to the mighty fecund earth!

Eloquence and native wit bestow on us here

And healing hands while we live.

(Old Norse descant:)

Heill Dagr! Heilir Dags synir!

Heill Nott og nift!

Óreiðum augum lítið okkur þinig

Og gefið sitjöndum sigur.

Heilir Æsir! Heilar Àsynjur!

Heil sjá in fjölnýta fold!

Mál og manvit gefið okkur mærum tveim

Og læknishendur meðan lifum.