Welcome to the online shrine of Hela (or Hel), the Goddess of Death and Lady of the Underworld in Norse/Germanic mythos. Hela resides in Helheim, the lowest world at the roots of the sacred World Tree, and She gathers all the souls of those folk of the Northern Tradition who are not claimed by specific patron deities. In ancient times, it was said that She took in and cared for all the souls who died a "straw death" - any death not in physical combat. In the Northern Tradition, Death is not seen as evil - it is simply a part of the cycle of Nature. Hela is usually shown as one part beautiful woman and one part skeleton or rotting corpse, because She is not interested in hiding or euphemizing the true nature of Death. To Hela, decay is just as sacred as any other part of the cycle of Life. She is a Goddess of great transpersonal compassion, and it is said by Her followers that She never speaks a lie.

Enter into Hela's garden, a place of peace, contemplation, and unavoidable truths.

Wholly: A Devotional for Hela, by Dagian Madir
is available from Asphodel Press.