Welcome to Nidhogg's Shrine

Honoring the Great Dragon

NidhoggOld2Cloaked in the snow and rime

Of misty, icy Niflheim

She treads from the root of the Tree

Submerged in the great spring

Known as the Boiling Cauldron

Where she gnaws at its wood

And summons new growth,

To the black gate of Helheim

And the eternal autumn beyond,

To Dead Man's Shore by the black seas

Where lie the corpse piles

And it is her job to devour them,

To Nastrond's hall where her children

Drip venom on those who writhe below.

She is the one who cleans up the mess,

The Keeper of the Root of the Tree,

The transformation of all that rots

Into all that grows,

For the Gods of Life are wasteful and profligate

But the Gods of Death waste nothing at all.


First, I do not practice any form of Native American spirituality. My practice is derived from my understanding of ancient northern Eurasian practices. Second, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of any Asatru or Heathen group. I do not identify as Asatru or Heathen. I am a northern-tradition Pagan, which is a religious tradition that is reconstructionist-derived, rather than a reconstructionist religious tradition such as Asatru and/or Heathenry. The views espoused in these pages may or may not reflect the views of most Asatru and/or Heathen people or religious groups. They are derived from the personal gnosis of myself and other people whom I trust and respect. I do not claim that they are provable by academic sources, nor that they are anything other than what I say they are. Read at your own risk.