Jord's Grounding Song

by Ari

(To be sung for grounding, even when you are too upset to ground)

Play mp3 of Raven singing PDF of sheet music


I am the daughter of Night and Water

And all the storm taught her of legend and lore.

I was born of the stars in the lake reflected,

They never expected I would root by the shore.


Like the tree reaches arms to the sky in yearning

The rain returning caresses of doom

Green I awoke and so greenly opened

To the wings and the sky born again from my womb.


From the sky to the leaves and the tree is a river,

A giver of rain to the roots that curl,

And the roots are a tree that is warmed by the fire

That is sired by Void at the birth of the world.


Lock you and link you to the stars reflected,

Lock you and link you to the earth below,

Laid to the ley lines your spine and your spirit,

Lock you and link you to the downward flow.

Jord's Trees