Ritual for Angrboda's Blot

from the Pagan Book of Hours of the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel

    19th of November
  • Color: Black
  • Element: Fire
  • Altar: On a black cloth set a vase of bare oak branches with the dried leaves still attached, three lit red candles, a horn of mead, figurines of wolves, a wooden heart burned to ashes, and an iron knife.
  • Offerings: Ashes smeared on the face. A promise to see ugliness with new eyes.
  • Daily Meal: Coarse dark bread. Mushrooms. Red meat.

Angrboda Incense:

  • 2 parts dried, crumbled oak leaves
  • 2 parts pine needles
  • 2 parts juniper needles
  • 1 part spruce needles (or dried, crumbled spruce sap)
  • 1 part viper’s bugloss
  • 1 part wormwood
  • 1 part ground wintergreen berries
  • 1 part agrimony (her favorite)

Mix and burn as you like, in honor of Angrboda. This can also be powdered thoroughly, mixed with 2 more parts red ochre and enough linseed oil to make a paste, and used as ritual paint to mark the body.


woodcutmoonInvocation to Angrboda

Hail, Hag of the Iron Wood!
From thy womb came
The Lady of Death,
Dark mistress of the shades;
The wolf of destruction,
The serpent all encompassing.
Strong one who stands alone,
Who defends her children
No matter how ugly they might be,
Who defends her spouse
Even when all others revile him,
Who would die for her loved ones
Even when they are imperfect.
Your children exiled or imprisoned,
Yet the tide of death and destruction
Was not slowed an inch.
Hail, Lady whose heart
Was burned to ash by those
Who would not look upon ugliness
Lest they see in it a dark mirror
Of their own bright souls.

Angrboda Angrboda
Hag of the Iron Wood
Mother of Wolves
Defend Your Pack
With fire and steel and blood.

After the invocation and chant are completed, all participants step forth and take a handful of ashes from the burned heart and smear it on their faces. The horn of mead is passed around and the remainder poured out as a libation. The candles are put out, the iron knife is laid on the floor, and all step over it as they leave.

(The Pagan Book of Hours is available at Asphodel Press.)